Diary · The Week in Productivity

Last Week In Productivity 4

Hello internet, this marks my fourth week of tracking my progress in all things progress! Longer done than first expected, ha! Productivity: (Last week was not as productive I have to admit, I also needed a break from work as well and took some vacation days)) Finished reading The Picture Of Dorian Gray, thanks again… Continue reading Last Week In Productivity 4

Diary · The Week in Productivity

Last Week In Productivity 3

Hello! Another week has gone by and it’s time to write down the productivity scores. If you’re not familiar with, it’s for tracking my progress to battle the inner perfectionist and to recognize that small steps get you further along the road. Productivity: I have a new washing machine ❤ Finally! DOING ALL THE LAUNDRY!… Continue reading Last Week In Productivity 3


Why we should experience failure

When I look back, I was (unfortunately) raised to believe that whatever you do, you must do it to perfection; work, studies, and ultimately in being human. It left me paralyzed. The world revolves around the winners, the people who have it all, the people that smile in the camera, show off their riches, their… Continue reading Why we should experience failure