The Week in Productivity

Last Week in Productivity 6

The week sucked, especially the second half. I am feeling a bit depressed lately and I know where it’s coming from and I really try to fight it and see the positives and the progress.

I am glad I started this recurring thing here of summarizing progress, it’s important to track and see that things are moving, albeit slow.

I am not giving up!


Minna no Nihongo grammar lessons in Anki: Page 152/215 (142/215)

Memrise: No progress

Goodreads book reading challenge: 2/100

Daily Dozen median: 14.31/24 (my goal is 20)

I went jogging super cold weather and I’m still alive! xD



Apparently I shows signs of being a scanner personality; someone who is not really into focusing deep into a certain field, but rather a person that is interested in too many things. A SP has thousand ideas and gets hyped by everything but has trouble going all in, and finishing stuff. Worst case: losers. Best case: Renaissance men/women.

I’m doing what I can to become the latter.

Starting a Shadownrun camapaign, and I have some ideas already. It will be the third time that I’ll be the GM for what feels an eternity!

I finished reading Dr. Sleep by Stephen King and I’m happy that I’ve tried it again

❤ ABRA ❤

The voice acting class is still fun and I see myself growing, it’s harder than it looks, really!

Next week will be tough again because I won’t be in the country for a couple of days. Busy days at work ahead, actually the busiest in the year, and that’s one more factor that pulls me down mood-wise.

Alas, it needs to get done and in the end it’s often sooner over than one might expect. (Please no plane crash O.O…)

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