The Week in Productivity

Last Week In Productivity 5

This week was fairly busy; I had the voice acting training for two days, met some friends and watched movies, had my voice (acting) lessons on the weekend and went to Berlin for a business trip. No wonder I’m tired!



With all that going on last week it was hard to focus on studying: Japanese grammar practices: 9 /// Memrise: 613/2136 words learned (no progress)

Voice class

The voice class makes me happy and energized. It’s great to meet new people and all of them are friendly. We have a nice flow going on and I get a better understanding of how voices are working and what they key aspects are to get a nice result. I’m just starting though and the course is still going! I was encouraged to get into the voice acting (audio book) class and hopefully my application will go through.



Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to further explore the city, but I found a cozy restaurant that has the best Tiramisu ever: Viasko! Creamy, yummy perfection.


My character sheet was finished by the GM and I’m looking forward to play it. Some of the quotes on the page are hilarious. Was grinning widely reading it. I’m eager to see how she will fit into the not yet known cast of the other characters in the group.


I watched a double feature of Kubo and Moana(Vaiana) last weekend and both films were great on their own but with Disney it’s very much known from the start how things will turn out. Kubo took the cake and ate it. A profound, jaw-dropping movie with great characters lots of charm. This is no CGI movie, it’s stop motion! Unbelievable what they’ve pulled off! Also, it’s made by the same team of the movie Coraline!



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