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Last Week In Productivity 4

Hello internet,

this marks my fourth week of tracking my progress in all things progress! Longer done than first expected, ha!


(Last week was not as productive I have to admit, I also needed a break from work as well and took some vacation days))

  • Finished reading The Picture Of Dorian Gray, thanks again Poesielos for the wonderful package! Spoilery quote below, read at own risk!

“What was youth at best? A green, unripe time, a time of shallow moods, and sickly thoughts. Why had he worn it’s livery? Youth had spoiled him.” – p.190

  • Did some translation for a client at the doctor and no one died. That’s nice. Also, my play-with-children-skills are top notch!
  • Anki: 8 grammar practices, 10 Vocabulary reps, put 3 new grammar practices into Anki
  • Memrise still at 613 Kanji in long-term memory


  • My voice class has started and I had fun and already learned things I’ve never heard before! People are also nice and friendly 🙂
  • Played an epic round of Time Stories, a boardgame that has different stories, all somewhat tied through you being a time travelling investigator. Often quite difficult and this time it was the toughest yet!
  • Got a wonderful present from my good mate Snellopy, a small booklet with self-drawn pictures of QuestingOrc’s journey. what a treasure!
  • Watched a Ghibli production I never heard about before, The Red Turtle: (German version but there is no talking in the movie ever so that’s really not a hurdle here.)

I liked the movie, it was insanely atmospheric, yet it did’nt blow my socks off and the pace is so slow one might get adrift as well. Nontheless beautiful movie. No brain teaser but open to interpretation still.


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