Diary · The Week in Productivity

Last Week In Productivity 3


Another week has gone by and it’s time to write down the productivity scores. If you’re not familiar with, it’s for tracking my progress to battle the inner perfectionist and to recognize that small steps get you further along the road.


  • I have a new washing machine ❤ Finally! DOING ALL THE LAUNDRY!
  • Woke up on Sunday at 5:30 and prepped lunch for three days, did more washing and cleaned up the apartment.
  • Now 587 Kanji in Memrise done altogether! Soon scratching the 600 milestone!
  • A very important thing for work went well and that’s plain awesome.
  • I’m using my Daily Dozen-App every day and prepare food more in tune with the program. Not perfect, but no use crying over spilled milk.


  • Watched Clerks for the first time and had a blast! So funny, surreal and great dialogue. The  movie plays with the viewer’s movie education as well, giving characters a certain twist regarding our expectations. Super witty stuff meets childish fart-humor. I loved it!
  • Had a super fun Pen&Paper get together 😀 Had a blast!
  • Watched I, Tonya in the sneak and it was great!
  • Yuri !!! On Ice is another step into the figure skating world. Poesielos and I will follow the events in the upcoming Olympics! ❤
  • Had an anniversary that means a lot to me 😀
  • Ramen *___*
  • Started playing the acclaimed browser game “Fallen London” and it’s so much fun already! I’m doing roleplay and I love the character that comes to light!
  • Another interesting and cool ending in another PnP Session. EXP await!



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