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Last week in productivity 2

Hello guys,

another week – another update!


  • This week’s focus lied in re-arranging my home. Old stuff was thrown out and new stuff should be coming in over the course of the next months. Rearranging was fun!
  • After being sick for two weeks and mostly away, the apartment needed some cleaning too. Ahem.
  • Memrise is still fun and I’m at Level 11. The course I’m learning, Jôyô kanji has 2136 different characters to learn and I’m currently at 491! Almost 1/4 done!
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray at 80% read.
  • Wrote down parts of my progress in Memrise in my Japanese study book. (Dedicated progress book for Japanese only.)
  • Minna no Nihongo: Pages 138-141 in my Anki grammar practices deck.
  • Written down February Tracker in my BulletJournal
  • 1.5 Hour of walking
  • Appointment with my financial advisor.


  • I had a 30 mins PingPong session on Friday, that was fun!
  • In love with Shingo Nakamura house sets
  • Finished Child of Light. So beautiful and well executed ❤
  • Tried a new recipe! (Mexican inspired salad with rice, nachos, lots of veggies and a smooth dressing with a pinch of spice!)
  • Watched Still Alice
  • Played lots of Gravity Rush II
  • Watched the first two episodes of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell and I’m interested in how it will progress.
  • Hot Veggie Ramen *_____*

3 thoughts on “Last week in productivity 2

  1. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell ist so toll! Die Buchvorlage mag ich dieses Jahr endlich mal in Angriff nehmen – freu dich auf ein paar überraschende Wendungen und visuellen Augenschmaus! Und du kommst so gut mit dem Lernen voran 😍

    1. Vielen Dank! Die App hat auch andere Sprachen drin, könntest beispielsweise auch Französisch machen etc.
      Diese wöchentlichen Zusammenfassungen helfen mir definitiv. Ich brauch ja was zum Erzählen, das spornt an! ❤ Ooooh, ein Buch, heißt das gleich oder hat das einen anderen Titel?

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