[Movies] Still Alice

Last weekend I had the pleasure of finally watching this movie, which I had on my mental bucket list for quite a while.

I’m also trying not to beat up myself too much about lack of skills.

The story is about Alice, a mother of three in a happy marriage, who also has a career as a high profile professor of linguistics. Alice finds herself in recent weeks often disoriented, forgetful and her neurologist confirms: she has an early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The movie portrays the progress of her illness, how it affects her own relationships, her career and last but not least her perspectives on personality and life itself. It’s uplifting, although it doesn’t seem that way first.

Because this is a tough subject one might avoid thinking about, I want to state my opinion of the movie upfront: this is a movie everyone should see. Not only is the movie very well made, but it’s important to get a better glimpse of what it means to live with a (mental) illness in general. It is a powerful movie, without being too overdramatic, capturing the progression of Alice’s state in a profound manner. Her tragedy manifests itself in the small things of daily life, but there is also a deeper appreciation to be found for life in general. This movie – despite having illness and death at its core – no – because of that actually – is celebrating life and love itself.


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