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Last Week in Productivity 1

Last Friday I had the idea that it would be neat to write down this week’s achievements. Usually, I have a blueprint of what I’d like to do and fail miserably, because I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

So instead of dreading all those unchecked boxes of my To-Do-list, I thought it would be nicer (to myself) to write down what I have achieved so far. Without any specific dates, just the raw productivy itself… And some nice stuff that has happened on top, as garnish!

As I tend to be a bit on the self-depreciating/”depressed” side of things – at times at least – I figured this weekly summary could provide some retrospective for positive self-evaluation in the future.

19th-25th of January


  • Posted an article on Why we should experience failure
  • Japanese grammar exercises: 10
  • Japanese vocabulary reps: 200
  • Using Memrise again, made over 40.000 points! (Kanji reps during my train ride to work/home)
  • Two days of cooking with what’s in the fridge/no spending
  • Send off a parcel to the dear @poesielos
  • Was able to help out in a JAP/GER/ENG 2 hrs conversation. Exhausting, but very rewarding!
  • I sleep a lot, and use the Daily Dozen app regularly again. Less time spend on the computer at home!
  • Less money spend overall this week.

Nice things:

  • Hard work at my job lead to a decent bonus for 2018!
  • Invitation to a Shadowrun oneshot adventure event
  • Growth opportunity in my job
  • Videogames played: Picross 3D  / Final Fantasy IXGravity Rush II / Child of Light
  • Movies: Get Out! / Train to Busan
  • Cooking with a very dear friend for two days in a row
  • Was invited to lunch and it was yummy!
  • Wonderful (!) book reading experience-kit by poesielos. I am in awe ❤
  • Having fun reading books again!
  • Falafel! No need to say more.

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