Flashback 2017

1. On a scale from 1 to 10: how was your year? 

2. Gained or lost weight?
Gained, but more or less the same. Why is that the second question in here?…

3. Hair longer or shorter?
Way shorter.

4. Shortsighted or farsighted?
Still shortsighted. Is this a doctor’s exam or what?

5. More money or less?
More or less the same.

6. Better job or worse one?
Same. Wow. Exciting life I got here at the moment. But excitement is not always enticing.

7. Spent more or less?
Spent more I think.

8. Won something this year (and if yes what)?

9. Moved more or less?
I didn’t move but I was pretty moved often. *ba dumm tsh*

10. Number of ailments?
Mostly colds. And one thing that was scary but turned out alright.

11. Which ailment was the worst for you? 
Are you sure this is not a doctor’s exam?

12. Most senseless plan? 
Making any plans at all. I try to focus on day to day tasks, everything else is overwhelming and nonsensical. Especially in today’s world.

13. Most dangerous undertaking?

14. Most expensive purchase?

A seminar. Will see how this turns out in Feb/March.

15. The tastiest food?
Self made burgers.

16. Most impressive book?
I’m not reading enough but I liked “Das Dicke Fell” (The thick skin)

17. Most moving movie?

Actually, it was a game that moved me the most: Nier: Automata
18. Best CD?
I don’t buy music but I came across Shingo Nakamura.

19. The best concert?
I didn’t go to a concert this year. But last year’s “Yamato – Drummers of Japan” was great!

20. Most time spent with?

21. Spent the best time with?

22. Done for the first time?
Wrote a small article about an event for my blog.

23. Done again after a long time?
Enjoyed New Year’s Eve.

24. Things I could have lived without?

25. Most important thing I wanted to convince someone off?
That we are all worth the struggle.

26. The best gift I gave someone?

27. The best gift I received from someone? 

28. The most beautiful sentence someone said to me?
You are okay.

29. The most beautiful sentence I said to someone?
With you, I feel cherished, okay, loved, hugged tight. At peace.

30. Word of the year?

31. Non-word of the year?

32. Favorite blogs of the year?
I don’t read as many, so I’ll skip this one and create a new question: Favourite Tune of the year?

Sundrops, because I made it and I’m proud and still like it.

33. Last years review for comparison:
First timer!

Other things:

  • My name got featured in an article in our English mag and in an interview in our newspaper.
  • Lost two friends due to communication gaps, but gained new insights and perspectives.
  • A friend confided in me and that makes me grateful.
  • I was giving criticism and it actually helped.
  • Proved to have more balls than expected. walking across a 300m high swinging bridge.
  • Went to Prague and London. (Mucha!)
  • My photography skills have improved visibly.
  • I did free floating and got a massage in a spa.
  • I talked to writer Mike Carey for 2 hours and we both enjoyed it.
  • I talked to games journalist Laura Kate Dale and she didn’t enjoy it. Less so her friend at the table.
  • I watched a peformance of Fluffy and it was hilarious!
  • I attended a LARP thinking I couldn’t pull it off, and it ended up being a door opener to more LARP greatness.
  • I reconnected with friends during Samhain.
  • I took some time off and feel a bit more centered.

2 thoughts on “Flashback 2017

  1. Das Seminar wird allein schon großartig, weil du es ausprobierst und den ersten Schritt in diese Richtung machst! Und ist es nicht toll, wie viele schöne Punkte trotz allem in 2017 doch versteckt waren? ♥

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