12 Reasons to quit Facebook

1.) You compare yourself to the successes of others – Focus on your own life and goals!

2) You slack off – Facebook is (bad and worthless) entertainment

3) Longing for approval – you only feel loved when you get likes.

4) Negative emotions are contagious – Sadness or anger on FB makes you more likely to feel these emotions as well.

5) You don’t know what people do with your data, pics and information

6) The past catches up to you – let it go

7) It’s designed to be addictive – and you check FB without realizing it

8) Facebook makes money off you – be it from your information or through ads.

9) You cant concentrate for longer times and feel the need for distraction. The ability to focus deeply gets minimized.

10) Less information barf means more mental capacity for information that is worthwhile

11) Boredom is the soil for creativity – instead of being distracted, imagine and create again!

12) Just one more video – and the day has gone by.


Further reading/watching:

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