[Week 27]

Hello you lovelies!

Another week has gone by, time to recap!


Over FB I saw this great article discussing the more empowering implications and positive perspectives of female villains. I think I need to rewatch all the Disney movies now, as I only had the view of a child when I first saw them, this article is an eye opener! Also interesting for authors and people interested in character creation, looking at you, Snellopy! ^^


Last Sunday  I got the chance to see John Wick II and JCVD. John Wick II wasn’t as great for me as the first installment, but still fun to watch. The action scenes were gritty, the set stylish and over the top. The Continental Hotel makes an apperearance again and is full of symbolic tapestry. It’s just so sad that the Hotel seems to have more colors, shades andintricate design than JW himself, who didn’t have as much character and is pretty one-dimensional.

I liked the get together of some of my favourite actors from American Gods, that was nice and in my mind I combined both, like they’d play all in one universe. Before the fall, if you will.

I just hoped that the movie would suprise me in any way but it didn’t and just got more over the top for a future, possible sequel.

JCVD on the other hand was a surprise, caught me off guard. Jean-Claude Van Damme plays himself, but it’s not just another action flick. Some say it’s his best movie yet and although I’m not an expert on his work I think I agree.

I don’t want to get into any details but I think especially those who don’t give him credit for what he is doing should see the movie. It made me think which is always a success for any medium.

[Personal Growth]

My BuJo is getting more and more the way I want it. This month I started writing down my finances and I’m getting a way better picture and become more mindful with spending. It’s great! Still, only one third done for the month, but I’m getting there. In the end I want to calculate the percentage of spending, what goes where and how much of the bulk etc. I hope to become even more focused. I think it’s great when one has enough motivation to keep track and incorporate new ideas to avoid spending money. 🙂 To have more for that what makes you truly happy.


Little Witch Academia is an Anime series on Netflix I enjoyed quite a lot. The title is pretty self explanatory, the overall setting could be described as adventurous, coming of age and cute, I like it a lot. The art direction, especially with item design is very Jugendstil and I love it. 😀


I was hiking again, this time in the Taunus region, where you can find the Roman Limes. The hike itself 14K, the weather was warm but we had a lot of trees to protect us from the sun, (with me putting on 50+ and still get a bit sunburned… … …) and it was a cool route with some 300m ascent overall.

The coolest part was the old buildings, or more what’s left of it, from the days of the Roman Empire. This particulat spot is 1750 years old. That’s superimpressive to stand where SO many has stood before you. We talked about how augmented reality could enhance the experience so much! I for one saw the Roman soldiers walking in my mind.

Interesting to see how different I feel nowadays seeing that kind of thing, when I was a child and my parents brought me to those places I felt more under pressure and couldnt appreciate it as much. I think you need some scale, some life experience to really understand the true awesomeoness that is history right before your feet.


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