[2017 Week 26] – Boardgames and Hiking 20K

Hello (^-^)!

Last week was a bit draining, but I was able hang out with friends, meet new people and have fun despite feeling very low.


Tokaido is a board game inspired by one of the five most important travelling routes in Japan, back in the day when Tokyo was Edo. The game is called – who would have thought – Tôkaidô.

Long road short: You need to have THA BESTEST vacation of all players to win. You’ll head into hot springs, meet interesting people, dine at Restaurants, visit shrines, draw beautiful landscapes and buy souvenirs to impress the peers back home. It’s all good fun, but there are only so many spots for visitors at each travel destination left,  backtracking is not allowed, so … WHAT TO DO?

You need actually some strategy and luck to win this game, but either way you’ll have fun playing the game which has a unique playstyle and great artwork and token designs. It’s the friendliest competition game out there… If you don’t play with my friends 😉

King of Tokyo is also set in Japan obviously, but for the sake of continuity let’s say maybe 300 to 3000 years into the future, who knows?

It’s all about which super ultra monster – or Kaijû – can dominate the Tokyo Bay, the decision being finalized in brawling with other contestors for the title of King of Tokyo. You’ll need a good hand for rolling dice and even better brain for strategy-adusting on the fly to win this game. It’s a fun title and with the expansions it gets even more genre-referential and fun. The art style is cool and reminds me mostly of American comic  book illustrations.

Even when you lose you can have tons of fun with this usually pretty quick adventure of  engaging in fisticuffs, tentacle-swinging, laserbeams and fluffy bunnies.


I went hiking (pictures and German text), 20k in a day! Near Marburg City (where I have to go on a weekday to see the oldtown area in the future.)

The temperature was perfect and not many people were to be seen, which is always nice. The area was actually a nature sanctuary, so many things were to be found which you don’t neccessarily see usually. The climb was not too steep and the route was full of little suprises. If you’re interested in my pictures you can check out my instagram on the right side of the blog.

I do feel that I am questing for more health, fitness and many other things recently, so I’m fairly happy 🙂

I hope you all had a great week too!




2 thoughts on “[2017 Week 26] – Boardgames and Hiking 20K

  1. Oh! They’re two different games! I ran them together into one in my head when you were yarning about them. That makes far more sense (but does make it slightly less quirky), I was trying to work out how visiting an onsen as a human powered up your kaiju and just figured I was missing something

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