[2017 Week 25]


I was in Berlin for a couple of days, for work. The atmosphere of the event venue – the Tempodrom – was different for sure from when I was there together with Alex for the Distant Worlds concert. Back then it was all giddy excitement, now it was, well… work. ^^”…

The one thing I enjoyed during my stay was the food of the vegetarian-vegan restaurant called “Savory Chai“, (Chai means veggies) next to subway station “Stadtmitte”. They offered Asian cuisine and it was delicious ❤ I also got in touch with the owners, and they shared their vision on what they like about plant based foods and that they are eating a lot of veggies themselves. You go guys!

Also, had Vietnamese iced coffee with coconut milk. Couldn’t sleep afterwards but it was so worth it. O_O

I visited them the next day as well, ordered the same plate as before ( Lemon-chilli tofu with ricenoodles, peanuts and veggies) and offered part of my dessert to a couple sitting next to me. They were happy about a low cost vegan dessert and I was happy to avoid food waste ❤ Small things count, everyone was happy ❤


During my stay in Berlin I listened to the 8-4 Play podcast.  8-4Play is a professional video game localisaton company in Japan and some guys and gals of the staff talk about Japanese video games, translations and sometimes other weird Japan related stuff. The occasional Hype Train may commence.

For me this podcast is great because it offers insights to the indzustry, work environment and you get a feel for whaaazzzzaaaap in Japan.


Until Dawn – is a game that I’d like to play further, a horror flick-game that plays very consciously with all the ususal tropes and characters you would see in a scary movie – and some twists along the ride. I haven’t had the time to come back to that one but I definitely want to see the differnt scenarios. Maybe more about that game when I had several playthroughs.

Eldritch Horror is a board game I’ve played now for the tenth time or so. It’s one of those cooperative games, and as you know, when they’re cooperative, they’re mean bastards. It’s a Cthulhu Mythos inspired game that surfaced some years ago and although I have a win rate of 1/10 (not this time), I still like to play the game and try to save the world from the Old Gods.

Stardew Valley is a nice palate cleanser after all the gloom, dread and death of aforementioned games, and I’m super happy that I started a new game in this Farming Sim; choosing the mining map.

It’s a lot more fun for me to play on a curvy, flowing landscape instead of a huge square. I’m currently in my 2nd Summer and will soon get the Community Center going again <3.

I was pretty beat up during this week, so no real progress on the personal goals then.


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