[2017 Week 24]


After a two-year hiatus, I participated last week in the JPMorganCorporate Challenge. Roughly 62000 people ran, walked, or shuffled for 5.6k, and I did as well. The shuffling part, mostly.

It was tougher than expected, because I had my 10K run on the weekend prior, and also because I’m still a snail in the jogging kingdom. But all’s well that ends well; burning lungs and wobbly knees made for a new personal best. That’s something! Afterwards, my colleagues and I were treated with yummy Japanese food.

I was happy that nothing terrible has happened and we all had fun doing our best.


The highlight of the week was without a doubt my trip to Czech, to the city of Prague to be exact. I will post a dedicated [OnTour] report on the blog here as well next week. It sure has been a while since I travelled to a new place, so that’s great :D!

Spoiler Alert: It was fun!


If you spend hours on a train you know that it’s neccessary to occupy your mind, as your legs and butt cheeks wither away slowly from sitting all day.

My drug of choice this time was [Persona Q], which is a Nintendo 3DS game and the lovechild of developer Atlus’ dungeon crawler series [Etrian Odysee] and [Persona] series.

As a fan of both, I squealed internally once I’ve heard of it. A friend was so nice to lend it to me for the past several months. [Rest assured, he has way too many games as it is.]

So I dive into the realm of the bizarre and map making from time to time, enjoy the combat, the goofy humor and the not too shabby voicework. Since it features both characters from Persona 3 and 4 and two newcomers, the mix feels new but also familiar to seasoned players of both entries.


[American Gods] first season has come to an end, and before I talk about anything; see what I did there? Actually, the series does it too, but I was the first among my friends to notice that sleek lettering difference in the title. (#bujojunkiesunite)

I do not know the source material in full, which is Neil Gaiman’s book with the same title, but boy, do I appreciate the series. It’s clever; Filled with in your face puns and hints you recognize four episodes later. Colorful characters who are memorable and believable. (*Huehue*. Ahem.)

For the viewer, oberserver and fan of all things supernatural the series is a treat, a beautifully twisted cake of societal criticism. And it’s sweet, sometimes salty and goes down your throat with a bitter aftertaste.

I love it and would welcome a second serving.

(Also, now I need dessert, no idea where that metaphor was coming from)


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