[2017 Week 23]

First and foremost, a big THANKS to @poesielos for letting me blatantly steal her format ❤


How not to Die – Dr. MD. Michael Greger is a book I had my eyes on for almost a year now. It’s written by a medical doctor and nutrition expert of 20+ years, who summarizes new data found in studies about health and nutrition on nutrionfacts.org.

He wrote the book to give readers the opportunity to understand the science behind the most leading killers of our age – man made diseases – and in the second part of the book he gives his recommendation for healthy eating.

The best part: He is promoting an evidence-based diet.


Daily Dozen“: The accompanying app to the book; 11 groups of food you should consume daily and 1 thing to do, and you’re good! An easy check off list with a daily reminder. Easy handling and good overview as well.

4/5 Stars (Could use metric tables as well for all non US-people)


On Instragram I published some pages from my Bujo. I liked this page the most:

1000 Things to do before spending money

So many books, games and other stuff is waiting for me to get back to it, so before I spend money on new stuff, I should rather go through the old – but still cherished – things. I’m still not done with the list as you can imagine, but also, because I was quite busy these last days as you will see.

I see this list also as an overview for different projects, so I put them into a dedicated BuJo.


Final Fantasy XV: Still playing, currently concentrating on monster hunts. First time ever that I enjoy this kind of grind, but before I advance in the story any further, I want to take care of some stuff. So far, I like the game and the characters way more than expected and after failing miserable in combat at first, I got the hang of it now.

Love my (white) chORCobo. *huehue*

Until Dawn: Again, one of those horror games I like to watch but not to play, which is perfect for this game, as it conveys the feeling of an horror flick as much as a videogame can I guess. (Also including ALL THE TROPES)

Eight friends get together again in a cabin on a secluded mountain.

There – one year ago – tragedy struck when a bad prank went for the worse and led to tragedy; two sisters who were part of the group went missing under dubious – and horrifying – circumstances.

Not trough yet, but so far compelling characters and some actors you might recognize from Heroes or Mr. Robot. Dialogue feels natural (as far as it can be natural for a non-native speaker,) and the mystery behind what has happened 60 years prior, who the Mystery Man is and what it is about the Twins who went missing is making me very interested to see the end of the story, or rather more of the possible outcomes, as the player must decide quickly which paths to follow, creating his or her own own story in the process.

The Butterfly Effect is highly intertwined in the plot and its mechanics, as well as mixed with Indians-inspired Totem ideas, which add another layer of thrill and fear of what might lurk behind the next snowy corner.


Aside from being a gamepotato, I also ran the first 10K of my life! Yeeeeha! FINALLY! And extra sun burns! Proof I was outside for once!


Today is a big race (70.000 people expected) where I will most likely participate, so my running game is “strong”, although I’m still in the snail department. Next step will be running 10K on a certain pace, and then gradually adding more Ks to it.

Met up with my dad last week to grab a bite at a Chinese restaurant and it was great, good food and good talk. What more do you want?

Maybe ice cream – almondmilk-poppyseeds with dark chocolate frosting to be precise – which I had on Wednesday with a friend, also yummy!


4 thoughts on “[2017 Week 23]

  1. Woop, woop! Ist doch egal, wie langsam du bist – Hauptsache du läufst und fühlst dich wohl damit ❤

    Ich kann generell leider gerne Horrorspiele selbst spielen… 'Until Dawn' hat aber eine sehr coole Story (und das Titellied erst! O Death ist in jeder Version einfach nur toll *-*).

    'How Not to Die' und die Ideen dahinter muss ich mir noch mal in Ruhe anschauen, klingt schon mal spannend und logisch. :3

    1. Jaaa, bin sehr stolz zum ersten Mal 10K gelaufen zu sein, ist ja einer der Meilensteine die ich schon immer mal schaffen wollte ❤ Das gilt es jetzt auszubauen :3

      Das Dilemma ist dass ich Horrorstories interessant finde wie du wahrscheinlich auch, aber es ist immer wieder ein Krampf sowas selbst zu spielen. Zum Glück schau ich aktuell auch nur zu xD…

      Jaa, schau dir das Buch an, es ist sehr verständlich geschrieben und trotzdem voll gepackt 😀

      1. Du bist da so gut am Ball, dass du das sicher schaffst! Einfach schön, wie du deine Zeile langsam nach und nach erreichst ♥

        Ich bin zu schreckhaft.. ich erschreck mich ja prinzipiell vor jedem Schatten 😀
        Aber diese Spiele haben meist die besten Geschichten, stimmt schon.

      2. Danke dir Liebes ❤ Ja, je mehr ich mich auf wenige Dinge konzentriere, desto besser klappt es 😀 ❤ Sich selbst als oberste Priorität setzen ❤

        Jaaaaa, voll schlimm xD

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