Life Update: The Survivor Switch

There are times in life when you have to say farewell to a beloved. Often because you have to, and sometimes because you need it.

I’m in the process of saying goodbye. It’s tough until it’s not.

First, it’s always hard to listen to your soul deep within, to fight against mental constraints, to break free. It takes energy, it takes courage and often quite some time too.

My first relationship was a long distance one. We saw each other for 2-3 weeks and then had to wait for months to see each other again. It was cruel and painful. Each time, this feeling of dread crept upon me, sorrow and sadness. We cried, we said “love you” and he and I went our seperate ways.

I thought I couldn’t bear it. I thought my heart broken. But when I turned my back, walked the first step on my own again, I flipped the switch: Survival mode.

As soon as I felt I was being on my own again, I felt my own strength. We often think that we need other people – and yes, they can give us strength and comfort – but in the end, we can manage by ourselves. We are always stronger than we think at first.

I can’t wait to say goodbye.


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