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We’re getting personal here

These days I’m often thinking about the direction of the blog. In a way, I like that it’s super personal and features my main topics in life. I’m thinking about splitting the themes up though, so readers can hopefully enjoy one type of topic. Also, this blog here can serve more as a diary than before, as my roadmap for future projects. Where it’s okay to be self-indulgent talking about daily stuff that only matters in my personal life and not in the universe.

Problem is, I don’t think I can produce enough content for several blogs, I can barely write enough for stuff for this one. Mhmm… Not easy, not easy. Also, I want to create value for the reader, a task which is not easy. There are great blogs and newsmags on “my” topics, so I think about how I can contribute to the overall picture, canon and discussion.

This all raises questions like: What is “enough” content? What is “quality” content? Where do I see myself? What is my voice? What can I contribute? Which topics are truly the most important for me?

I guess I will split the themes up. This blog here will remain as my diary, my roadmap, my think-tank.

You are very welcome to stay. ❤


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