26.04.2016: Feast yer eyes

Hello all,

welcome to the diary entry of the day!


Last week I was fairly successful to cut down my expenses and using up my inventory. Now I have another problem, I was too busy going grocery shopping so that I now have to buy stuff outside on the go XD… This is of course a setback, but I’m gettin’ there. It’s all about orc-anisation (ba dum tsh)!

I also started to read the blog TheMinimalists.com; I find the essays most interesting and shuffle my way through. Food for thought.

Inspired through their website, I’m now participating in a game/challenge; you must throw away/donate or sell an item each day. One item the first day, two the second and so forth. You do this for a month. so it gets of course very challenging when you got your usual suspect items covered and out of the apartment, but afterwards it gets tricky. But I think its a great way of adding some gamification. In case you are doing this challenge as well, let me know!

(Day 1 and 2)


This week was a weird mix of eating very basic stuff made from my inventory, and gorgeous dining outside due to meet-ups with friends or farewell parties of colleagues. Here are some impressions:


(A dedicated vegan isle in a supermarket! Overpriced but hey! It’s a start!)

(Best vegan burger patties I had so far. (The texture! <3) Hands down.)

(And you can see my Ramen addiction. The ladies from the restaurant wondered where I’ve been gone because whole 10 days passed without me visiting them for lunch *ahem*. [Ten days is a start…])


If you like card games, black humor and a pinch of Munchkinability, you will love the following game:

Gloom: Fairytales

This weekend I played it in a group of four and we were having a great time!

The Gloom Cardgame series is all about whose family has the worst time, and who can kill them off the quickest at the zenith of their misery. It not only focuses on strategy, but also on narrative and I love games that do that. In case of gloom, it’s also hilarious because you want to have the meanest things thrown at your characters. It offers many wild plot possibilities and it’s insane to its core, I love it. (I will most likely do a whole blogpost on this game series when I have played another edition, to get some ideas of the respective mechanisms first.)


Finally, I got through my pile of cards in my Anki deck again. I’m using the old notebooks for this and can proudly announce that another one is finished up! Rilakkuma is now retiring. It’s a good feeling combining studies and minimalism, or as the Japanese say, “Hit two birds with one stone”. Now Totoro is on the move!

So, that’s a wrap for now folks,

See ya!


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