2016_04_17: Minimalism, Edelkiosk, Randomness

Hey there guys!

Last week, I took some time off from work, because I just needed it for my mind! Every year it’s quite busy until mid May, so I was happy to be able to get some rest in between.

But who am I kiddin’.

Of course, being the idiotic perfectionist that I sometimes am (if I’m not the lazy slacker XD) I wanted to FINISH ALL THE THINGS. Well, if i have learned something from this it’s the following: Just relax. Rome wasn’t build in a day and even you took 9 months to be a finished project.


It’s time to scale down: Projects, things, and just about everything actually. No wonder I feel burnt out at times. I often say that I feel like a newbie juggler starting out with sharks.

So, I made some small steps towards the right direction. Again, I can’t do it all in a day, so being mindful and slowly taking steps neccessary is better than trying everything at once and fail respectively.

I went through all my notebooks that I’ve collected so far and overall, I have 18. Wowza. (I had 19, but I finished one learning Japanese and throw it away immediately! Yay!)20160413_223652[1]

I knew I had a lot and some have certain topics, others are yet untouched. I recently talked with Alex about notebooks and in the end, I think I never really used them as much because I thought they should be perfect in their way. Beautiful, well-written and whatnot. But truth is, who cares? Will I look into those notebooks every once in a while? Will their amount make me happier, or increase quality of life? Sure don’t.

Of course, I still love notebooks, but this picture and the heavy pile on my desk now should remind me that I don’t need another one. That I can use them up before spending money again on something which isn’t neccessary now. That I can spend this money otherwise. Also, those books fill up space which could be used for something different, calm, empty space or stuff I’d like to have for my dream art studio <3.

I also made a list of my inventory at home, because I need to scale down my money spending drastically. (Pension Plan stuff and big vacation planned for the end of the year.) The number one topic would be food, so I guess I can start right there. I am – as many as you are as well I guess, it IS an epidemic of sorts – guilty of throwing food away. This is a disgrace. Someone worked hard to produce it, resources like water and energy were needed and I’ve spent money on it already.

I’m a sucker for buying food outside, mostly because I’m too occupied with everything else. =_=… And because I enjoy good/yummy food. I try now pretty hard to get back on track in that regard. It’s crucial to me in many ways, actually.


What I like about this method:

  • You have a clear and quick overview
  • You can quickly mix and match stuff
  • It’s easier to make grocery lists
  • You have a sense of accomplisment and control

Also, I like to have notes on my fridge ^-^V (By the way, I play FFX-2 right now! Guilty pleasure <3… BUT I think about doing a blogpost of the game, inside a “Backloggery-games-review” category in this blog, but well. Scale down before adding another project!)


While we are talking about food, I can show you some stuff of last week!

First four from the left are cooked by myself, the next are bought, and the last three are from friends’ apartment (They have a Japanese themed room, with Tatami even!)

I’ve managed to not buy stuff after I made the lists and even got someone else on the inventory-making train, that’s cool!


For a long time I wanted to visit Frankfurt’s oldest vegan café and I finally did it! The style is so colorful and the food was nice! :3 The owner and I had an hour long conversation, definitely a charming lady and café! 😀


Nature finally wakes up, Geekstuff is SO cool, paper art stays awesome and blonde-green-blue hair is my dream ❤ (that I can achieve once in a while during time off! ^v^)

Catched a cold

Unfortunately I’m now sick and had to cancel a diving and Pen and paper appointment, but I’ve now got a husky voice, that’s something i guess?!

I hope you guys are doing better and had a great week,

See ya!


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