OnTour: Lausanne 2016

Hey you guys!

Once a year I’m in Geneva/Lausanne for work, (which is usually super tiring but) this time I was in for a treat! This trip was done back in March, but I didn’t find time to write about it so far.

I got to Switzerland by plane. I like flying in general. I LOVE the acceleration of the plane on the ground when it’s getting ready for take-off, it feels awesome! (My mom wanted to be a race car driver when she was young so I guess it’s genetic to get such a thrill from speed. Which reminds me: I enjoyed racing up to 190km/h on my third lesson in driving school. *grin*) (But let me tell you I’m getting sick ALL the time during landing *blergh*)


The beauty of the sky surrounding you is just breath-taking.


Finally being in Lausanne, I recognized that the city is quite similar to an anthill; layers upon layers. It feels like a maze, the streets interconnect in various ways and you get a sense of “into the rabbit’s hole” from it. At one point in the evening I got actually lost because I took a wrong turn. I don’t speak French (Lausanne/Geneva is the French-speaking part of Switzerland), it was dark, many shady people on the streets catcalling (never experienced that kind of behaviour at this rate in any other city I’ve been), I had no GPS signal and my phone was soon about to die. Just great. Luckily I found a couple that explained to me I was walking in the opposite direction where I needed to be, and after 25 more minutes (3% battery left), I finally found the hotel again. Well, I wait for GoogleGlasses to provide integrated maps on the upper right corner, as you find them often in Videogames. (GTA style please)

The hotel itself was nice and right beside it was a small vegetarian café with vegan options. For Switzerland niveau it had reasonable prices and the staff was friendly. The small room was very crowded but I was able to find a place to sit. The lunch itself was yummy.



I had some time off in the morning so I decided to stroll around a bit in the city before heading to work. I wanted to go to a Japanese tableware store but it wasn’t open yet, so I thought: well just walk an hour. I was walking 2 minutes as I saw Dragon Ball characters:


Of course I had to get a closer look at the house! And to my surprise, I found a small geek oasis in Lausanne! What are the odds staying in a hotel next to such a shop?!


I talked with the guy on the counter and just wanted to praise the looks and the uber vibe this place was giving me. He was in fact the store manager and we talked about one hour about being geeks, doing what you love, how he put so much heart into this shop and how it has grown over the years. (Most of the art you see is HANDMADE, either he did with his team, or he was supported by local artists who have done an amazing job in my opinion!

It was so_so cool. We also introduced ourselves and I promised I would meet-up with him next year! So, Didier, if you read this, I’m game! Let’s hang out! (First week of March, details in 2017!)

We also talked a huge deal about Pokémon, being its 20th anniversary, and I knew I had to support this cool shop, so I wanted to buy a small Bisasam (German name, my personal first companion ^-^, I love plant Pokémon!) and he GIFTED IT TO ME. You can’t know how much this meant to me, so again, THANK YOU! This is now a very special merch to me! ❤

So this was obviously my absolute highlight.

Again, shout out to Didier with his friendly team. Buy local guys. Next year, I’mma bring more money! (He had awesome geek clothing as well.)

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