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Busy Bee

Hey there!

Damn, time flies!

I had a super dope weekend with a trip to Berlin, attending the Distant Worlds concert in the Tempodrom together with my friend Alex, I will tell you all about it in a different blogpost with hopefully many pictures 🙂

(It’s definitely time consuming work to write longer blogposts which feature a certain topic. @_@)

I visited my mother yesterday for her birthday, which was nice, although the drive to my parents apartment was agonizing. It took 40 minutes for 2k at one point because of  road works. Jogging would have been better at that point. We had dinner together and I got back around 9:30 p.m. and just fell into bed.

I have a lot going on at the moment, many meet-ups this week. Basically every evening is busy so far. It’s of course nice to catch up with people but I wish I could get more done during the day.

I’m too tired to get up early unfortunately, maybe some events from teh Berlin trip played a part in that. Or maybe I just need some (real) vacation. The days I’ll be taking days off will be spend mostly on university stuff.

Well. At least it’s not boring.

I try to eat healthier, I had smoothies and salads and such. Mom with her french fries didn’t help but at least 2/3 went well. Maybe it’s my water intake which is too low. I really look awful these past days XD… My lips get better so my hydration level gets better as well.

Japanese and chores are not doing well these past days, but it’s okay. At least my mom saw me and was happy 🙂 That is what counts ^-^V

In case this trend of always being tired continues, I’ll head to the doc. Maybe I’m missing some vitamins or sth. like that. I took a D3 and B12 pill today.


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