Hey you!

Thanks for stopping by! The entries with numbers in the title will be diary entries in a way. (Duuh)

I feel that it’s neccessary to combine all these things that are in my mind in one place. I have many projects (and still find the time to whine about it (^-~)) and I need some sort of open “testimony” on my progress with them.

Also, I’d like to keep track on what I encounter and think on a daily basis. I hope you will find something of interest as well 🙂 Basically, like an ordinary diary, I want to share stuff I’m thinking about.

Regarding the format, no clue, really. This is more for myself and not really a topic-related thing so, if that’s not your jam, no worries!

Change of blog-theme:

Well, as you might have noticed, I changed the theme of the blog to something more structured and still minimalistic. I’m happy with it! It is important to me that it feels light and not too crowded. It’s nothing fancy, but sufficient :3

Twitter Conversations:

Sarah Burrini, a comic artist (Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof) I can highly relate to, is also a pretty fun “twitter person”, so I started following her a while ago. She actually responds to tweets and I think that’s just awesome :). She seems pretty down to earth and goofy and that’s a great combination in my book!

We both talked briefly about the awesome staircase scene in Daredevil Season 2 (no spoilers please, that’s my current episode), and we talked about the cool and advanced stunt choreography. This was truly awesome, I agree.

Also, I saw a tweet from Katrinschen aka FlyingTinkerbell, and her “singing squid” visisted an art gallery with lots of different illustrators. That’s cool, I should also look out for more opportunities like that here in FFM.

Getting up early:

To have a better start in the day (that’s open for debate to some I guess) I change my time for getting up in the morning, which is now around 5:00-5:20.

It sure is a cruel number to see after waking up, but I need to do it. Of course, I’m still super tired during the day, but I feel much better because I have actually the mental and actual capacity to get more things done during the day. After work, I’m a wreck, no matter how much or how much of nothing I’ve done during the day. I can’t concentrate from the afternoon onwards. That’s just how it is and I try to deal with it. I can’t change that fact or when I have to work, but I can change the time I get up.

I want to build a a routine as follows:

Getting up at 5, jogging 3 times a week at 5:30 for 45 min, then showering and preparing food for the day. On days without sports, I want to invest more time in Japanese, filling my Anki decks.

I’m progressing well I guess, at least I get up at 5ish and that’s a big thing by itself for now.


Today, I added some practice parts into my Anki deck, but I felt super tired so I wasn’t as concentrated as I’d wish to be. But still. Every little step is one in the right direction.

Goodreads Travelling Book Project:

When Poesielos visited me a while ago, she told me about this super cool project where you read books, write in them and ship them away to let others read everything, going in circles. That’s so cool. It reminds me very much of our [S.] project and I think that uber cool. What a great idea. You can be creative and speak your mind about the text at the same time. What a cool idea. I hope they will accept ym request to join. (^.^)V


I am following Rachel&Jun these days religiously. It’s a nice and friendly-informative channel about life in Japan.

Podcast Number 2

Together with FlyingTinkerbell, I recorded the second installment of our #girlslabercast series. It was fun, we had some technical issues, but I’m happy we took the time, despite us both being in zombie mode!

I also need to have a closer look on my diet, so here it goes:


  • Water
  • Vitamin D12 + D3
  • 4 oranges
  • 1 banana
  • Rosehip tea


  • Lentil soup with potatoes, two servings


  • Soy latte with hazelnut syrup


  • Spaghetti with self-made tomato sauce (including two bell peppers, onions, garlic and mushrooms).
  • Glass Apple Juice

(I need to drink more and eat more fruit and veggies, but overall this was an okay day.)


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