Challenge Week 3+4

Hey there!

This website was calm, but it in reality it’s just the eye of the storm!

I am somewhat exhausted, I have to admit. Q3 reporting season is over and I went to Berlin for a couple of days (work related).

Now, there is not much sunshine, sleep or just calmness these days for me.

No excuses here, just stating facts.

The challenge itself is going on, but it’s just harsh. I can’t do it at the pace I was aiming for at the moment and this has a lot to do with me being tired and unfocused because of that.

I try to squeeze in here and there some stuff, but overall, I am not that active.

But, enough of all the gloom, here some positive developments!:

  • Finished the first letter regarding the “S”-Project with poesielos, here you can find her first entry of the series and it’s amazing what she has done! It’s amazing how you can see her appreciation for the subject and books in general! (Will do my own posts on that topic in time)
  • On the weekend, I was able to put Anki to good use, and these are my stats so far: Vocab until chapterย 4 (at least, could be more, I didn’t update the website regularly), Lessons until chapter 4, Grammar until Chapter 1. So babysteps, but steps nonetheless!
  • I finished the book Dune during my stay in Berlin.
  • I’m halfway through the book “Die Kuh, die weinte” (The cow, that cried) which is a book about buddhist principles explained with anecdotes, interesting and enlightening!
  • I will attend a Steampunk 96 hours in-time con in a castle!
  • I am now cancelling longer events with friends (still love them though), because I want to focus on myself for a while now. ๐Ÿ™‚


So, no huge update, but I think it’s great to see that my mind changes, and with that, my behaviour towards these things as well.

Before, I would have believed that I am just not capable, or strong enough. But I see my limits, acknowledge them, and try to do things different nowadays, and that’s a huge improvement for me ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “Challenge Week 3+4

  1. I am sorry mate, I bug you to update, then forget to comment. Your friend’s post about S was very interesting indeed, I look forward to reading along on both blogs.

    I just downloaded Anki to my school computer, and a bunch of Vietnamese decks, but I haven’t worked out how to shove them across to my phone (where I am more likely to use it), but I will get on that soon, so I have it ready for the Christmas break.

    What did you think of Dune? It’s been ages since I read it, and I don’t remember which (if any) of the sequels I read.

    How was the con, or will it make up the bulk of the next post?

    1. Hey dave, no worries! I’m way behind my schedule, so we both know how life is ^^.

      S: Great that yo’re interested! My dream is, that JJAbrams and Durst will see our small project as well! :3

      You can access it via internet, there is a web edition which uses the cloud. For an app, you have to buy it and it costs around 20 dollars. I prefer just the web edition and my decks on the pc.

      I think I should make a proper Blogpost about this ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I will definitely do a post about this one ๐Ÿ˜€

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