Challenge Review: Week 01

Hello everyone!

So, the first week of the weekly challenge for more awesomeness is over!

As you can see, I drew a picture! It is only 2 hours old (and took 15 minutes), I really wanted to do SOMETHING for the challenge. And something is better than nothing. I will use it for my blog as a gravatar, so that’s done! I was ‘inspired’ by these last months, what I have done and experienced. With enough imagination, you can see a pen, Big Ben, a book, japanese characters, fruit, a BlueRay and the lightning scar of Harry Potter.

Well, now more about the other parts of the challenge. I managed to do Anki every single day according to plan. I also added some grammar (of chapter 01 of Minna No Nihongo), vocab of chapter 04, and added 1/4th of the chapter 01 regarding tutorials. It’s not perfect, BUT as mentioned before, it’s not about that 😉

So, with this posting, I also did 3 posts on my blog and I couldn’t be happier about the first weeks results :D!QuestingOrcProfileNovember


2 thoughts on “Challenge Review: Week 01

  1. That’s a great avatar mate! Are you just using it here, or are you running around slapping it on all your social media sites? Do you think you’ll come back later and colour it?

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